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I have learned about past simple (i.e., I worked), past continuous (i.e. I was working when the doorbell rang), past perfect (i.e., after he had hit the ball, he jumped for joy), and past perfect continuous (i.e., they had been living near the volcano for decades). I see the differences for the \"continuous\" past tenses as having a verb + ING, and past perfect continuous also has \"had been.\" Past perfect tense uses had + the past participle, where as past simple uses only the past participle.Watching these two videos demonstrates the importance of attitude, as well as technical competence, in teaching. In the first video, the teacher was impatient and even condescending. He wasn't eliciting the responses he wanted because of poor explanation. In the second video, he seemed more cheerful and at ease. He had a definite lesson plan as well. I think he wisely chose to engage early on by asking the students to list animals. This encouraged participation and set the tone for the lesson.

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