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This unit covers two areas of the English language that, although they are very important, are often overlooked by many teachers, such as, pronunciation and phonology. In the first one, the phonetic alphabet is explained and shown th ways it can be useful for students and teachers, such as, how and where we articulate the different sounds in our mouths (Place of Articulation); the way we articulate those sounds (Manners of Articulation) and as usual some exemples of techniques that can be used to apply those concepts. The other subject of this unit is phonology and it can be divided into three parts, Intonation, Stress and Rhythm. These not only explain how our mouths can produce different sounds, the importance of stress words and intonation in communicating, but also they're useful skills that are taught to improve the accuracy of speech in students, because they display the various ways in which the native speakers adapt and change their spoken language, and that's what we want, as teachers, the students to achieve in these areas.