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There are a variety of different type of learners that we as English Teachers need to be prepared to handle. They range in age, English level and ultimately purpose. A person learning Business English will have different needs from a child looking to do well on upcoming exams. In this regard, it is important to know exactly who our audience is. That being said though, the ESA teaching method is still just as valid across all learners. It's simply about providing the right material and guidance for the specific group.Continuing with the point made previously about a certain necessity for every English teacher to know the basics of grammar, verbs and verb tenses make up a large segment of this basic knowledge. Most languages deal with the past, present and future tenses only. The English language has 12 tenses, each of which finds it's way into daily common speech and should therefore be absorbed by the teacher prior to entering the classroom. Granted, knowing the language from a native level perspective makes things a lot easier!