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The use of assessment is critical in creating a successful student body. Monitoring their progress and their knowledge is vital in providing feedback that helps them move forward and what they need to work on. I also find that the placement and diagnostic exams are to similar to really deserve two different titles. That is just my opinion and it is slightly confusing. We use placement exams at my school for the simple fact that they are given at the beginning of the year to determine which class a student will be in.This Unit reflects all facts that are associated with the future tenses. I did like this Unit, as it talks about the basic but still important things, including those areas where most mistakes are made. Everything is easily explained and well thought-out. The usage of the future perfect and future progressive tenses are a bit confusing. I also think that the word 'progressive' should be added here, as some people do confuse the two, although they mean the same tense. Overall, a nice and, as always, infortmative Unit.