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This unit was a set of videos used to demonstrate a successful and unsuccessful TEFL classes. The professor and the subject of the lesson were the same in both examples, but the first lesson, the unsuccessful one, had many issues. First of all the instructor did not smile, introduce himself, or know the students' names. This results in a tense and unfriendly atmosphere in the room. Also, he kept repeating how easy the subject matter was and this intimidated many of the students. His back was to the room often, he seemed disengaged, and a little put out. When a student could not answer or was asking a question he did not understand, the teacher became frustrated. His attitude alone was enough to discourage the class regardless of the subject of the day. In the Second video the professor was more engaged from the get go. He introduced himself and asked all their names, he smiled and seemed more organized. Student participation was way higher in the second lesson and that resulted in more of the students understanding the objective.