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Thinking that I may be teaching english in a near future (if I get my certificate of course), got me thinking a while ago about how could I help the students whenever the activity calls for a reading session. Preparing the class in advances (ass seen previously) would help me be ready to pre-teach the students any problematic or complicated language they can come across during the reading. Of course this can be completed with a listening session too as both are equally important. The students would benefit from being exposed to the language in any of these ways.In this unit, we cover lesson planning, from the functions to what should be included. As a well as the importance of being organized because if you're not the lesson won't go well. As a new teacher, I, would want to have my lesson plans nicely written out so that I can refer to them while I am teaching additionally it will help me understand where I am taking the class when we are discussing certain topic or going over certain areas of the language. I would want to evaluate myself and I know that there is always room for improvement especially as a new teacher.