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This unit provided examples of ways to teach productive English skills and stressed the importance of variation. Productive and receptive skills can both be used in all phases of a lesson, although in different ways. The example activities showed how accuracy and fluency differ, and when best to practice each. It also discussed the importance of more detailed work such as punctuation, handwriting, and pronunciation, which can be different for individuals but necessary for practice. Pronunciation can be especially confusing in English as it is not phonetic.Phonology also known as phonemic, is the study of the particular sound units (phonemes) in laugages. It can be compared to phonetics, which is the study of human speech in general, and includes the articulation and perception of sounds. Phonology aims to describe the sounds (phonemes) that are distinctive in a laungage. This can be done by identifying minamal pairs such as 'tin' and 'bin'. Phonological ares looked at in language teaching include phonemes, intonation, stress, accent and features of connected speech such as elision, intrusion and catenation.