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It is hard to believe that the person teaching these video lessons is the same person. The main lesson here is that the instructor's attitude has a big influence on the success of a class. There were many obvious mistakes in the first video from not engaging with students and learning their names from the start to giving an activity without even presenting or giving instruction to the task. The second video, on the other hand, displayed an engaging instructor that smiled and used gestures to encourage participation.In unit fifteen I learned about evaluation and testing. It discussed about why we would assess a student's language level and how it benefits both the teacher and student. This unit goes further into discussing about the different types of exams issued and why we need these exams in our classes. An example of a placement test was given and it allowed me to analyze which part of the exam can be used to determine the student's needs. Also an examples of critical external exams were discussed and why these exams exist.