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This unit outlined the different types of classes you might encounter, as well as strategies to handle each one respectively. I learned that high energy and sometimes self-deprecation and silly humor works with children beginners, while a more mature evaluation of student goals is a better method for assessing the needs of business students. Also, it would seem the teacher needs to be more diligent during group work with monolingual students, as their temptation to revert back to their mother tongue will be strong.Assessment and evaluation are important parts of the teaching process. In my opinion, diagnostic and progress tests are the most valuable for both students and teachers. They give opportunities for students to see what topics they still need to practice, and gives them confidence in the things they are doing well, knowing that they still have time to improve and learn more. They also give teachers an idea of how well their teaching is being received and which topics need to be gone over again or in a different way.