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This unit was full of new words, concepts and information. First part was dedicated to telling stress from intonation and was accompanied by techniques for teaching both. I got introduced to rules of stressing as well as main rules of intonation in different situations in a very systematic way. I found it interesting to read about spoken English and the changes that occur when it is being spoken (linking, extra lettering etc.). The information on phonemics was really applied and almost \"scientific\", I particularly enjoyed that. Thank you for the lesson!When it comes to teaching writing, I find similarities between the ESA method and the one I learnt in my master degree in English Language Teaching. The engage phase resembles the 'pre-task', the study phase resembles the 'while-task' and the activate phase is similar to the 'post-task'. It is always about break the ice with students in the engage (pre-task) stage, followed by students' learning and understanding the language point in the study (while-task) stage and finally them producing work with the target language structures or functions incorporated.