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This unit was all about the pronunciation and phonology (pronouncing and phonics) of English. This unit, in my opinion, was the hardest. I really struggled with the rise/fall, fall/rise, and flat intonation of speech. These three ways of speaking changes in both volume and pitch and gives the listener different information. I have rarely thought about what my voice does except when I wish to ask a question. Another very tricky part of the unit was stress of words and syllables. In my opinion this is very complicated because it changes based on accent. So trying to learn where I put stress on words in the notes was a challenge. Perhaps a suggestion would be to include a video of someone teaching this to a class? Towards the end of the unit a phonemic alphabet was introduced with examples of how each symbol would sound in a word. Some like /t/ was straight forward, while other proved more complicated, like /j/. Here, it was so helpful to watch the instructor teach a lesson to students. I really liked the race to the board game.