TESOL Jobs Bosnia And Herzegovina Prijedor

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I can't recall a single lesson that I'd conducted without the use of some kind of equipment or teaching aids. Well, of course the white board doesn't even count because, even though it's undoubtedly a teaching aid, none of my lessons have ever been without the use of it. Once every 3-4 lessons I'd make use of an OHP connected to a laptop when playing a DVD related to the topic. Almost every lesson I'll play audio files from the speakers connected to a laptop. I've not actually tried using an Interactive White Board yet, but if I ever have one in class, I'd love to try incorporating it into the lesson. I often use visual aids in class, but mostly with younger students, as they are the ones whose attention tends to whisker away if they ever find themselves uninterested or bored. I've not actually tried recording student activities; I always felt that students might feel shy being recorded, but I might consider trying it sometime. The list of dictionaries is quite useful, though I mostly rely on Cambridge or Google dictionaries.