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Future perfect continuous - will have been verb+ing - how long something will have continued by a certain time. Future perfect - will have past participle - something will have been done by a point in the future. Future simple - will verb - future facts, certainties, promises, predictions, assumptions, spontaneous decisions, and threats. Future continuous - will be verb+ing - predict the present, something will be in progress in the future, polite inquiries as to not influence intentions, and referring to fixed future events.This unit provided good pros and cons for the use of various materials. The video provided many useful tips for the use and preparation of various materials such as the wipe/whiteboard, DVDs/CDs etc. The tips on what to consider when looking at course books, the advantages, disadvantages, the best use of them and options will be invaluable when 'on the job'. The ideas for material creation were very motivational anad I'm looking forward to trying out the resources referred to on page 2 ie bogglesworld ESL and puzzlemaker.