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In this unit I have learnt on ways of dealing with some common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom. Especially with the first lesson. Like meeting a number of new classes. On how to handle new groups and existing groups. So during the first lesson, teachers should not use yet the course book but instead try to use activities that will establish rapport between the students and also with the teacher, find out about the students so to be able to plan for future lessons with these particular stundents, find out the students' needs and aspirations with English and to find out the English level of each students. In this unit there are number of activities that were presented that the can teachers can use. If the teachers keep a selection of extra activities/materials, they can then make sure that all students or those quicker students have something to do and don't become bored while waiting for weaker students. So all of these activities presented in all the units are very useful to the teachers.