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This unit covered the various methods used to arrange the classroom in order to ensure the most efficient teaching environment during various stages of a lesson. It covered the many pros and cons of various factors such as seating arrangement, teacher monitoring, comfort and rapport with each other and the teacher and class size when it comes to managing behaviour in the classroom. It is important to keep in mind how to reduce Teacher Talk Time and increase the amount of talking that the students have during the lesson. Also, it is important to remember it is easier to relax your strictness later than it is to become more firm. Classroom management can help reduce behaviour problems that are in the teacher's control, such as self-esteem, boredom and peer pressure. It's also good to remain calm and respectful when dealing with behavioural problems and preventing them from happening. Things such as gestures, eye contact, and voice level can all set the tone and atmosphere of the class and help you to engage your students.