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This Unit explains how to be effective inside the classroom. How to make the most out of your class area, class time, and peers (if needed). You are not only teaching a lesson, you have to consider how you are teaching it, what kind of body language to use, how you should adjust your presentation method, how to arrange the class to best achieve your activity goals, and how to build a positive relationship with your class members. There are both pros and cons to the methods you chose and that should be taken into consideration because the pros could help decide which method best suits which activity. Be aware about your approaches, in regards to: instructions, seating, teacher talk time, teacher interaction, eye contact, body gestures, body language, voice volume, and how you respond to the class control and misbehavior. Pay attention to the atmosphere of the class and be flexible. Adjust accordingly and reach out to your peer teachers if needed. Success in the classroom is influenced by your relation with your students.