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This unit was about past tenses. Past simple is the most basic; an action that has been completed and is useful for indicating order of events. Past Continuous is an action that was happening in the past. Past Perfect is a past event, before a different past event. To be very blunt, Past Perfect is sentence where each verb is past, all actions are in the past and completed. Past Perfect Continuous, a past action before a past action, using the auxiliary verbs 'had' and 'been'. I found the video particularly useful when strategies were suggested in how to analyze sentences; when to look at the usage, and when to look at the structure. This advice combined with several examples helped me learn what types of sentences are categorized in which type of past tense. As a native speaker of English, I know all of the grammar well, but this course has been eye-opening, many aspects I take for granted, are actually distinct from other types of sentences. I am now understanding why English can be a difficult language to learn.