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In this course, it is focused on the most effective method in teaching which is the ESA (Engage Study Activate). There are so many methods and techniques for teaching and they all can be use depending on your situation. On deciding which to use, you need to consider the needs of your students, their level of understanding the language, and also their culture. In this unit, it explains why the ESA is more effective than the other methods and techniques that had been used for a very long time of teaching. Following the ESA method doesn't mean that you always have to use the elements in the same order. The only thing to remember is that all lessons should start with an Engage stage and finish with an Activate stage. It also gave 3 examples of ESA lesson; Straight Arrow, Patchwork and Boomerang. It also provided correction techniques, what should be corrected and who corrects, what the teacher should correct and correcting writing. At the end of the course, it provided a genereal guidance notes for lesson planning.