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Unit 10 covered real life examples of a teacher in a English class. This unit's format was unique to any other past unit due to the fact that it was shown entirely in video form without any writing to the unit. After viewing both the videos it was very clear that one was a positive example and one was a negative example. The teacher in the first was abrasive and belittled the students, making them insecure in their English and less likely to volunteer to answer any questions. That lesson was wrapped up with him poorly explaining an activity to them without taking the time to see if they understood. The second lesson was completely different, with a positive and upbeat teacher. The first thing he did was learn everyone's names and create a comfortable environment, something the first teacher did not bother with. The result was an effective lesson that the student's seemed to enjoy participating in. The videos really showcased how the attitude of the teacher can change an entire class for better or for worse.