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Unit 11 addresses the Teaching of the Receptive Skills: Reading and Listening. It explains our reasons for reading and listening, as well as the special skills used with both, such as prediction, scanning, and skimming. The unit also covers the problems encountered in teaching the receptive skills and goes into depth on the importance of using the appropriate language (both authentic and non-authentic), addressing topics of interest to the students, and using tasks that foster comprehension during instruction. I found the Task 6 materials to be helpful examples I could use in my classroom and was able to complete a lesson plan without a great deal of difficulty using the Task 6 materials. Task 7, however, presented me with numerous difficulties: In the first place, I wasn't sure how I could introduce the selected comparative terms (especially \"-er than\") without introducing short Comparative Adjectives to the students, and this would prob. take a whole lesson. Then, how could I tie in clothing?