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Unit 9 lesson planning. In this unit we are exposed to the different theories and schools of thought behind lesson plans. Should we structure out every lesson and be fixed by it or should the lesson be more flexible. We learn that the lesson plan is a great tool to keep a record of the classes and the students progress. The way we structure a lesson plan can help us as teachers get better in every class since we can use it to take notes on the different approaches and results we get from them.It was easier for me to follow the future tenses than the present and past tenses. I think it's because I have realized the pattern in which these tenses are grouped and how they work. There are some future tenses that aren't commonly used especially when speaking on a casual level, such as the future perfect continuous tense. Grammatical structures is something I am not required to teach at this school, but if I start teaching elsewhere these course materials will be extremely useful to have.