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Unit 19 gives many tips on how to teach different types of special groups. The special groups that the chapter categorizes are: beginners, individuals, young learners, business English, and monolingual/ multilingual groups. I was very surprised to find first of all 5 types of English learners and was glad to have tips for each type but I would have liked if the chapter gave a bit more on how to teach or how teaching occurs when their native mother tongue does not have the Roman alphabet. This is because I have recently heard that when beginning to teach in places like China with beginners, there are two teachers in order to have a common ground of communication. On the other hand, I was also very surprised that young learners start from 2 years old up to 16, in my mind the range was from 6 – 18 years old. Over all, I believe it was a long chapter to read yet very helpful with many tips and very useful for future classes especially when it encourages not to be afraid to teach business English.