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This unit is all about present tenses. It goes through the forms of constructing a present tense sentence, common mistakes students make, and activities for students to learn the present tense system. As a native English speaker I do not have to really think about how to construct a sentence with the correct tense, because I have already learned that as a child growing up and it comes naturally to me, but to someone learning English for the first time it may be confusing for them. Witht the present tense, there is the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and presnet perfect continuous. It is important to have the right tense in a sentence in order for it to make sense or sound right. For someone learning English it may be not make sense to them at first, but a teacher using the ESA method can help them learn in a way thats going to make the subject more interesting. This was a great refresher for me and I learned some vaulable ways to help students learn the present tense system.