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As a whole, this unit was a good introduction to structuring classes and providing examples of different activities do use during each of the three - or more - stages of an engage, study and activate lesson. While there are plenty of books and websites that can provide seemingly endless activities to use in a classroom setting, it was good to attain a grasp of the fundamental philosophies of each stage of engage, study and activate. I also liked the instructions on how to correct students - especially the part differentiating between mistakes and errors.This lesson will be very useful for me. I am trying to find different ways to explain grammar tenses, as well as come up with ideas of how to implement and/or practice them. This lesson accomplished both of those. I really like the simple explanation of the tenses. As a native English speaker, I take for granted that I just know what sounds correct and what does not. So, teaching it and breaking it down so a non English student understands is difficult and I struggle with that. It is one of the main goals I was hoping to achieve through this course.