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Until I read this section I did not have a good understanding of the English tenses, and I am a native speaker. After studying the Russian language which doesn't have nearly as many tenses as the English language I can understand how mastering the different English tenses can be a very challenging task, perhaps the most challenging task in the English language. In this section, I learned the four present tenses which I will list below. Present Simple: I work. Do I work here? -- He works. Does he work here? Do we work here? Present Continuous: I am working here. He is working here. Are we working here? Present Perfect: I have worked. He has worked. Have we worked? Present Perfect Continuous: I have been working: He has been working. Have we been working? Each of these tenses can be used in different ways that are not exactly logical and definitely won't be understood by non-native speakers. As a teacher, I will have to design in depth lessons to teach the multiple uses of the tenses.