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I have learned a lot in this lesson. There are so many things that a teacher does that impacts how the students will learn or want to learn (i.e. gestures, eye contact, classroom setup, and the amount of time that the teacher talks). All of these things need to be monitored so that the students can learn effectively and enjoyably. There are so many ways that a student can learn, but I see the importance of using different types of grouping and whole class activities. The well-balanced mix of these different setups can provide the student with much better ways to voice their ideas and opinions in the space that they may feel most comfortable (whether that be whole-class work, in groups, or in pairs). It is important to reduce the amount of time that the teacher is talking, so being careful with word choice and even the times when you are standing or sitting is important so that you maintain control of the class, while also allowing for the students to take the lead of their own learning.