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Modals can be used to express different ideas like obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice. Modal auxiliaries can also be used to express degrees of formality like for example: can I.... , may I.... modal verbs are followed by a verb and do not change form according to person. In some cases Modal verbs can change the formality and meaning of the main verb. In the passive, the object of an active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb. Only transitive verbs are used in the passive. It takes the form of : auxiliary verb 'be' + past participle. There are three categories of clauses: the independent clause, dependent clause and relative clause. A relative clause is introduced by a relative pronoun and there may be no pronoun. Phrasal verbs operate as one item and consist of a verb plus one or two articles. The teacher should make sure that the already taught phrasal verbs are frequently used in uncontrolled situations for the students to properly get used to.