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From this unit, I learned how to manage a class,good eye contact, good gesture and the right voice is very important for a class. Also I learned four types of grouping students which is Whole-class grouping, Students working on their own, Pairwork and Groupwork. I also learned how to arrange classroom by space available, Type of chairs/tables. Age of the students, Nationality and Student personality. There are also several types to arrange classroom such as Orderly Rows, horseshoes, and separate table. Then I learned the teacher's position, when I need to stand and when I need to sit.I also learned how to writer on board and Giving individual attention. The balance between Teacher talking time and Student talking time is also very important in a class.Using simple words to give instructions is very good for students to understand. Establishing rapport is also a very important technique for a teacher and maintaining discipline is the most important thing for a quality class.