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Testing students in progress tests is about gauging their strengths and weaknesses, what they have retained, if they are understanding the material, and giving them a goal to work towards so they know what is key to remember. I can also spend time in tutorials as individuals or groups to discern their weaknesses, review past lessons, answer any questions, and clarify the aims of a lesson. In diagnostic and placement tests, the goal is to find out what they know so I can best match them to the right level or plan future lessons to build on their weaknesses. Surveys can also help teachers know if they are helping the class in certain areas, or if the lesson curve needs to change. Cambridge, TOEFL, and other examinations are preferred in different countries throughout the world to gauge their level of English competency, and are different tests depending on the student's level, and what they want to do with their English - either study, work, immigrate, or work in business.