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This unit has provided me with an overview of the tenses, I find that it is rather difficult as it is something we generally take for granted and having to learn it again has been difficult. The unit firstly provided an overview of the present simple tense, with a short overview of how the tense is used. Secondly, the unit moved onto present continuous with further examples by providing examples in negative and contracted forms. Present perfect tense was closely followed with a detailed overview on how to identify these sentences, and finally present perfect continuous form.In this unit we learn about teaching a new language through vocabulary, grammar and functions. There are four important things when teaching a new language to students, students need to do and know the following; understand its meaning be exposed to it, understand how it?s constructed and be able to practice and produce it. Language also consists of functions, when teaching language functions it includes areas such as refusing inviting,disagreeing and agreeing, suggesting etc. The kind of language used also plays a role, for example;formal informal, technical or tentative.