TESOL Jobs Ciudad Del Este Paraguay

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The materials used in learning language are a very wide and various selection. Choosing them can be tedious at times, but if you come prepared knowing your students, selecting the materials can be very easy. With more advanced students, it can be more engaging for them to use authentic materials, while on the other hand, beginner students may need to use 'created' material. Created material is less practical in learning events of the real world, but very easy to understand.This unit was, up until now, has been the most challenging for me. The unit not only breaks down stages on how to help students pronounce the English language with role playing and activities with exercises, but also how to approach the students without intimidation and making them feel relaxed. I learned about the Engage, Study Activate (ESA) stage where it is essential to perform this activity in a careful manner with definite observation and relaxation to EFL students.