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In Unit 5 it is shown the main topics that a teacher has to bear in mind so he/she can succeed in a class. Important factors to consider are the Classroom arrangement and how chairs and tables will be organized, the grouping of students in different activities and the managing of the TTT, which has its importance but should be minized and used only when needed. Some hints on how and when to write on the board and also on dealing with behaviour issues are pointed as well.Unit 14 is an interesting unit as it looks at the pros and cons of using pre-prepared course material. As I have not yet looked for a job, I do not know what course materials will be available for me. I do know there will be some teaching that will be private classes and so I will have to develop my own lesson plans/syllabus and choose s system that works well. It is good to have this information from this unit and to have a few resources named to help with this process.