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In this unit I was able to get a better idea of how a new language should be taught. We need to take into consideration the English level of students, and type of learners, then we select the best techniques to teach new vocabulary and grammar structures. Always including the different phases that a lesson should follow such as ESA; but it´s our decision how to create our lesson plan. It could be a typical ESA lesson or Boomerang or Patchwork. We also need to include the language functions and create our lesson plan.This unit covered pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation of most common words comes naturally to a native speaker, but they can't always explain WHY something is pronounced the way it is, or how to create that sound. This chapter was useful for identifying the reasons for sounds, stress, intonation, etc. being where they are in a sentence. It also helped to make the method of pronunciation easier to understand and explain. The inclusion of phonology really helps to make it easy to spot the logic for pronunciation.