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A short and sweet unit that shared the positive and effective aspects of test taking. While the value of tests are becoming increasingly criticized, it is important to recognize the aim of a test can reflect a meaningful purpose. I enjoyed learning about the different types and the distinctions between them. I have taken both placement and diagnostic, but was happy to learn about their role in being prior to a course or at the beginning of a course. I wish more tests were seen as opportunities to evaluate students and not simply a way to grade students.This was an interesting and fantastic unit in language teaching. The way and methods to introduce the grammar, vocabulary and language structure to learners, then identifying the difficulties a student face while learning new words and sentence structures. The ability to overcome these challenges to the learners by adapting different techniques which will of course differ from learner to learner, their cultural and language backgrounds play a vital role in adapting different methods and techniques while teaching. It was a very important lesson to learn.