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Speaking and writing skills are called productive skills. Speaking is considered as one of the most important skill of the learner, so the task for the teacher is to incorporate real communication in the classroom promoting interactive and realistic activities in order to help students gain confidence and feel motivated. Teaching writing requires teachers to direct students to produce their expressions in written form and needs more elements of skills such as using appropriate words, proper sentences and correct spelling that is different from speaking.This unit is centered around the modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It provides with the basic rules of the modal auxiliary verbs to differentiate those verbs that mean obligation, those that mean possibility, those that mean permission or prohibition, those that mean ability and those that mean giving an advice.There is also explained the difference between passive and active voices with their respective uses. Furthermore, there are explanations about phrasal verbs, when they are transitive separable or inseparable and when they are intransitive.