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I disagree with the answer to question 2. All of the answers should be considered when selecting a textbook. In the United States, for example, certain textbook publishers publish inappropriate information (e.g. that the slaves were ?workers who came from Africa? or that evolution doesn't exist). Textbook publishers have certain biases that need to be considered when selecting a text. I?m going to China, and I would want to make sure the publisher didn?t have some problem with the CCP (or more importantly, vice versa) before selecting that book.Languages are all around as.As a child learn his native language it refffering to L1 .As a learner of a different language often reffering to L2.As a teacher to any kind of levels it is very important how to manage its ouw classroom.Knowing more about the methods and technique were very usufull for helping to arange the lesson in a right direction.To produce the best resolt you have to maintain the students in 3 different examples such as Boomerang lesson,Straght Arrows lesson and ESA lesson . Able to bring all kinds of activities games and role -plays.