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Expressing future in English is not easy, correct usage of the right tense very much depends on having a feeling for the language, on having been hearing the language spoken in daily situations. But there are rules that can give a student a good base to build on. There is one observation about this test I would like to express - in my opinion, it tests the mastering of grammar, which is important, but than there are (again, in my opinion) not enough questions on teaching it to students. I'm not sure it can be actually done by a multiple choice test. Just an observation..Constant practice and exposure to conversations helps us understand what the speaker implies. As teachers we must be aware of proper intonation and use of stress. There are also symbols which help us articulate the sounds of specific words. Teaching pronunciation can be done in a dedicated class or as part of a lesson. This is an integral part of the language because several word can spell the same way but can mean different things when said. English is not a phonetic language but to introduce basic sounds we can definitely begin with basic sounds in the English language.