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In this unit I learned more about the types of future tenses: future simple, future present, future continuous, future continuous perfect, and going to future. In each of these tenses I learned the specific rules that makes a future comment fit into each type. The specific rules are are helpful because when each type of tense is broken down and the rules are taught, students can understand them more easily. Having specific rules will allow students to fully understand each type of tense instead of lumping it all together.This Unit discusses equipments and teaching aids. An average ESL classrooms is usually equipped with a projector, DVD/ CD player, whiteboard and other things. By using these equipments effectively, the teacher can increase the students' attention span and maximize their learning abilities. Using visual aids is especially helpful in engaging students while worksheets are good for the study phase. Electronic devices like DVD players, recorders or camera can be used to create interesting activities during the Activate Phase.