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In this unit I was able to learn in detail the formation and usage of the four past tenses. Firstly, I learnt how to structure sentences for the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous tense in affirmative, negative and question form. Then the unit detailed their common usages and how students can make errors by confusing between tenses. Lastly, the unit gave very helpful activate stage ideas and activities that a teacher can use during the lesson for each past tense.In this unit we talked about lesson planning: how an experienced teacher should try to find the middle term between planning and flexibility. This unit also talked about the importance of planning and the basic principles behind it. Ultimately, what I learned from it is that planning is a tool that can help incoming (and more experienced) teachers find their ground, maintain the structure and the flow of lessons, but it should be used discerningly so as to avoid the trap of rigid or strict lessons.