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I have learned some information about how else learners can be devided, which groups of beginners are existing. I would say I prefer to teach young students, rather adults. I have more passion for kids and teenagers. Instead of motivation because of work (as many adults have) I like youngers, who study language because it s something new in their life, I think they are not in frames of society that much yet, and I know the way to motivate them. Also I don't see myself in teaching business english, at least now.This section discussed the variety of ways that things happening in the future can be expressed in the future tense as well as through some expressions in the present tense. I am most curious about the 'going-to' infinitive form compared to the future simple form and look forward to creating activities that show subtle differences between the two. Prior to this module, I did not fully grasp how often English-speakers use future constructions in everyday language and how many situations to which those rules apply.