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I have found this lesson to be the most helpful so far. Getting to see a teacher in action in both incorrect and correct teaching scenarios has made me feel far more confidant. It was helpful to see what not to do, but I also felt like how I picture myself teaching and how I think about teaching is more similar to the second video. Seeing a lesson plan in action is tremendous help compared to just seeing it on paper. It really has helped the concept, activities, and timing stick in my head a lot better. Overall this lesson has made me feel very confidant in my abilities.This unit covers how to introduce new language - in particular, vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions - through the use of ESA methods. Most of my lessons are usually quite freestyle - catered towards intermediate to advanced level students. However, I have experienced difficulties introducing new language materials to those who are of lower English levels as they are not as inclined to converse freely in English. Even though I had covered the ESA method previously in another unit, I found that this unit much more applicable to my tutoring situation.