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Unit 13 is focused on the sounds and \"music\" we make when we speak any language: phonetics and pronunciation. We looked at intonation and stress and how they can change the meaning of sentences. In this lesson we also learned about how to represent in paper the sounds we make with phonetic script, how each sound uses different areas of the mouth and throat, and how we can change the sounds using different positions of the tongue and lips. The end of the lesson explores some tips to teach pronunciation in class.I found that the two different videos showed a clear contrast in the difference between two teaching styles using the same lesson plan. The second video clearly showed how a positive attitude, respect for the students by valuing knowing their names, and approaching the ESA format with stimulating, eliciting, and level appropriate materials can make the difference in execution and student participation. I was particularly tickled at how the teacher decided to employ silence to move from E to S in the second video.