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This Unit has been very difficult on my part , in fact , it made me dizzy but I have to admit that his helped me improved my Grammar in English which is really important in being a teacher. I learned this important rule in identifying the tense in the sentence ,and that is : I have to focus on the structures of the sentence rather than its usage because the structure is what dictates the tense used. Generally , this Unit has helped me maintain my confident that I could become a future teacher in the near future.This unit continues the illustration of some particular grammatical items, e.g, passive voice, modal auxilliary words, phrasal verbs, etc. These language points are all very important in the light of EFL, however, it can be denied that students of more than intermediate English level are suggeseted to thoroughly understand and master the usage of these words. In my opinion, these grammatical items are restressed in this unit is because these not-so-common rukes also needs both the teacher and students' attention.