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The past tense of verbs follows the same format as the present and future tenses; the past simple tense simply adds 'd' or 'ed' to the base form of regular verbs. The past continuous tone adds was/were before the verb + 'ing'. The past perfect tone adds 'had' plus the past simple form of the verb. Lastly, the past perfect continuous verb tone follows the format of subject + 'had been\" + verb +'ing'. As with the present and future verb tenses, expressing the correct verb tone for the sentence at hand can poise great difficulty for non-native speakers.Unit Three covers methods and techniques for managing a class. I found it interesting learning how classroom arrangement can impact the atmosphere of the class, in addition to how the teacher?s position can impact the learning environment. For example, depending on the activity, standing or sitting may be more appropriate and maximise students? learning ability. I also found the different techniques of giving instructions very useful, particular consistency in wording, keeping it simple, and confirming that students understand the instructions.