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This side by side video comparison was invaluable. In theory I thought I knew what good instruction was and thought I also had a solid understanding of teaching methods, but seeing an actual classroom demonstration really helped. I had grasped enough of previous units to see what the teacher was doing wrong. I also had an idea of how things should've been changed to improve it. But seeing a presentation done well is always useful as it may provide a loose idea of how to teach lessons in future. I also realized that this is indeed something I can do!!In this unit I watched two real English language lessons. I observed important basic differences between effective and ineffective teaching. I believe that teachers attitude is very important in the classroom because it creates the necessary connection with the students that conducts to an effective learning. I also saw how an ineffective lesson takes place when the teacher comes in the classroom with a wrong attitude. Therefore in this unit I received a good real example including all the theoretic principles I was studying until now in this course.