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There are many unique ways to set up the seats in your classroom. I think this week at school I will arrange my classroom to try the horseshoe style. I like the horseshoe setting because it allows me to reach all of my students easier and make a more personal and less stressful classroom. No one is in the front of the class. Everyone is equally close to me and I can reach all of the students easily. My school is also big on doing group work and this setting will allow groups to form very easily.I felt unit 18 to be an excellent review over a slightly more advanced grammatical topic. It discussed issues of modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. For modals, it covered basic uses for each one as well as how each one changes in past, present and future tense. It covered the two voices (passive and active) and focused on how each verb tense changes in passive formation. Phrasal verbs were described through their three types: intransitive, transitive separable, and transitive inseparable.