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Unit 3 is covers the techniques of managing a class. It talks about seating arrangements for various class sizes and activities, the use of body language, and identifying behavioral problems and solving them. I feel that this unit is particularly important because without being able to manage a class, the pace of learning will be adversely affected as students are not provided with a healthy learning environment. Disciplinary issues are almost inevitable, it is necessary for a teacher to be able to identify these issues early and nip them in the root early into the semester.This unit covered the vast amount of equipment and teaching aids that are available to teachers. It gives a brief summary of each tool and how to use it most effectively. It also provides any drawbacks that each has and how to properly train with said equipment before involving it in an actual lesson in the classroom. This unit was very useful for me because it helped teach me how to utilize my writing space on the board more effectively. Also, having several pieces of multimedia equipment available to me, I am able to see which is more effective for specific kinds of lessons.