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This unit provided excellent guidance on different teaching theories and the value of the Engage-Study-Activate instructional design model. I learned the importance of elicitation in classes and how that time can both involve the students and provide the teacher with important insight into the strengths and gaps of the class. The great variety of activities included in this unit will be very valuable to me as I start to design my own lesson plans. I also appreciate the many tips regarding class facilitation and giving feedback.This lesson gave a brief overview of using lesson plans within the classroom. It showed that lessons plans should be prepared ahead of time but still remain somewhat flexible. If the teacher creates a lesson plan that is too rigid it could be boring for the students, and if it is too flexible then the students might get off topic easily. This unit also brought back a bunch of themes from unit 3, such as the ESA lesson plan types. I think this chapter highlighted the importance of creating suitable lesson plans for your classes.