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The first bit of this section was easy to understand and follow. I was already aware of Active and Passive voices and their specific uses as well as Relative Clauses. I also found it useful that information is presented on a table, where it was pretty clear cut and not difficult to comprehend the content. Information was concise and succinct. This is something that I will adopt for my classes. What I found difficult or rather tricky to grasp was the Phrasal Verbs portion. It took quite a bit of thinking in ensuring that I truly understand the meaning of Intransitive phrasal verbs, Transitive separable and Transitive inseparable. Initially, I was unsure of Transitive inseparable (Type 3), but I have checked once again and understood it as a phrasal verb that cannot have another object inserted in between it. Basically, it is the opposite of Transitive separable and you cannot put another word in between the phrasal verbs.