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Unit 13 In this unit we cover the importance of prounciation and the Phonology definition and how is the study of sound pattern and there meaning .We learnt the variation in volume and pitch (Intonation).We learnt the normal pattern in Intonation and how it Rise /Fall and Fall/Rise in sentencesand .WeLearnt 4 techniques indicating and teaching intonation which are: None Sence Words,By gesture,Humming of singing and the boad.The word Stress also cames in our unit many times ,where and how to describ something and demostrating to say and prounced very slowly to say a word ( Syllable) way.We learnt the Manner of Articulation which they are: -Plosives -Affricates -Fricatives -Nasal -Laeral _Approximant We learnt Phonices Symbols and Scripts ,that was for me abit difficult but I enjoy this unit and was good to go through the information and read it very carfuly plis watching the video made it kind like more intersting.